Aerial view of Fraktal Development's project featuring a sprawling industrial complex at dusk, with multiple docking stations for yellow trucks, a spacious parking area, and surrounding greenery, against a scenic backdrop of distant mountains and a fading evening sky.
Building the Future of Europe: Sustainable Project Development for Logistics and Industry

About us

We are developers of logistics and industrial real estate, serving both tenant and investment clients. We provide solutions across Europe, with a particular focus on the DACH region.

Customer Focus
Delivering reliable, positive personal interactions and seamless solutions, tailored to the requirements of our logistics users and investors, with the highest integrity.
Sustainable Development
Specialising in eco-conscious logistics real estate, balancing minimal environmental impact with optimal operational effectiveness.
Project Choice
Carefully selecting projects and locations that align with our strengths, values, and passion, responsive to prevailing market dynamics.
Innovative Efficiency
Leveraging AI and other technologies for innovation and efficiency, ensuring simplicity, while always maintaining a personal touch.
Mia Mikulic and Isabell Lehmann are working together in a well-appointed office setting. Mia, on the left, is seated infront of an Apple Studio Display, pointing at the screen with a pleasant smile, seemingly sharing insights or going over details with her colleague. Isabell, on the right, is engaged in the conversation, looking intently at the screen, her posture indicating keen interest in the discussion. The office is enhanced with green plants, a tidy arrangement of papers, and personal items like smartphones. A coffee mug emblazoned with FRAKTAL sits on the desk, adding a personalized touch to their professional environment.

Our team

Meet our team: hand-picked, dedicated individuals who bring friendliness, cooperation, and in-depth expertise to innovatively deliver real estate solutions with unparalleled integrity and exceptional customer focus.